Gildewerk’s perfume/fragrance oils contain as few allergenic substances as possible.

Gildewerk perfume oils are 100% concentrated oils and contain both synthetic and natural oils. The fragrance oils contain only natural raw materials. Perfume/fragrance oil can contain so-called allergenic substances, which can cause allergies. There is a legal obligation to report these substances on the label as soon as they are present in a certain concentration in the end product (soap). The concentration of allergenic substances is especially high in the pure essential oils.

Why do we use allergenic substances in soap making and not just leave them out? Because these substances are indispensable in some perfumes to produce the specific scent. Gildewerk’s perfume/fragrance oils contain as few allergenic substances as possible. However, we recommend that you protect the skin well with gloves when you work with perfume/fragrance oil and that you ventilate the room well to prevent allergies from developing. Please read the safety data sheets before use. You will find the safety data sheets for the Gildewerk products on our website

Labelfree: Gildewerk also supplies perfume oils in which the concentration of allergenic substances is so low that they do not have to be reported on the label.

Allergen-free: in addition, there is also a range of perfume oils that contain no allergens at all.

Working with perfume/fragrance oil

The composition and dosage of the perfume/fragrance oils is such that the concentration of any allergenic substances is as low as possible at the maximum dosage. The concentration of the perfume/fragrance oil determines whether or not the allergenic substances that may be present should be listed on the label. With a higher dosage, the label is therefore no longer correct and the legal requirements no longer meet.

Perfume/fragrance oil is a mixture of volatile substances. Each time the bottle is opened, some of these substances evaporate. As a result, the smell changes over time. So it is normal for a “fresh” perfume to smell different than one that has been standing for a while. Only the smell of two “fresh” bottles is the same. To properly assess a fragrance, it is better not to smell the opened bottle directly. The most volatile substances then determine the smell. It is better to drop a few drops on a tissue paper (kitchen roll or the like), wait a few seconds, and only then smell.

Over Gildewerk

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