Making candles how hard can it be? A little googling, poking around on Instagram and off you go. But then it often doesn’t work out so well. Then come the questions about why and how; Is it the material or am I doing something wrong?

In the long run you can gain experience in the process, but why reinvent the wheel if you can use the knowledge and experience of our employees

We are happy to advise and assist you and we will of course answer a single question by telephone. If you have repeated questions, we advise you to attend a workshop. In one day you will learn all the necessary basic knowledge to make a good candle.

Making candles is especially fun and a little technical know-how ensures that it stays fun, that it works, that no unnecessary material is wasted, that the right products and raw materials are purchased.

Attending a workshop is a win-win situation for everyone:

you learn the trade and get a 10 % discount on the next order
you do not order unnecessary / wrong items

Making candles is a profession and special candles make a profession in itself.

Check back every now and then and keep up with the latest trends, get new ideas. That is also an important aspect of the Gildewerk workshops.

Over Gildewerk

Gildewerk is al decennialang leverancier van benodigdheden voor kaarsenmakerijen en/of zeepmakerijen over de gehele wereld.